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We’re glad you visited the blog We’ve got articles for you to browse on: Tributes: celebrating lives through tributes Bequests: continuing giving with bequests How to organise a funeral: helping you with the details you may not have expected Grieving: understanding grief so you can receive the support you need Environmental funerals: sustainability is anotherRead More

Natural burial is recognised in South Australia


Natural burial has been recognised in South Australian law, which will support funeral directors in providing this service and reflects increasing interest in the community. What is natural burial? How has South Australia recognised natural burial? How will this change the situation for natural burials? What is natural burial? Natural burial is an alternative toRead More

New partnerships with Tobin Brothers Funerals and the Australian Workers’ Union


The Last Post is excited to share the news that we have two new partnerships.   Tobin Brothers Funerals We have partnered with Tobin Brothers Funerals, one of Australia’s largest family-owned funeral directors. Tobin Brothers has been providing funeral services since 1934, and now supports the community from 22 branch locations throughout metropolitan Melbourne andRead More

From ashes to trees


  Innovative thinking, design and sustainability have been brought together to offer an alternative to traditional burial and urn design. It’s now been made easy and elegant to take our ashes, plant them with a seed and turn them into a tree. Creating a living memorial From ashes to a tree Biodegradable urns Two keyRead More

3 quick questions


  As you may know, we’re updating The Last Post so that we can help you when someone you know dies. As only you know what you need, we’d love it if you’d answer three quick questions for us. We’ve kept the survey really short and quick because we know how busy everyone is! ButRead More

How to write a tribute


  How do we capture someone’s life in a tribute? Our lives are so rich with years of experiences, both at home and through our travels. We touch the lives of people who are close to us, and also people who we pass by. Small moments of great laughter can feel the most significant; dailyRead More

How can employers help grieving staff?


  Employers have great potential to make a significant difference in a grieving employee’s life. They can provide functional support, such as leave and flexible working arrangements, and emotional support through acknowledging their employee’s grief. This support not only provides profound benefits to the grieving employee, but also all employees in providing an example ofRead More

How to leave a bequest – continue giving, as you already do, everyday


We give so naturally, as part of our daily lives, that it barely rates a mention. We help family, friends and colleagues by listening and giving advice, we loan books and tools, cook for each other and help each other out with our work and projects. This giving doesn’t have to stop. You can keepRead More

Images of Australian flowers to inspire an arrangement


Australian flowers create unique, colourful and impressive arrangements. They provide exciting shapes and swirls, bright flushes of colour and textures that range from waxy leaves, delicate petals to the furry kangaroo paw flower. Our native flowers are also inspiring – they’ve flourished even though Australia offers a difficult environment for them to grow in. HereRead More

Signs of trauma in children


  Lessons from an article on the Black Saturday fires in Victoria “After trauma, children can experience a range of physical and emotional reactions, including sleep problems and a lack of concentration.” Ms Vicki Trethowan, Psychologist (The Age, Monday September 3 2012, p. 13) This quote appeared in today’s Age newspaper in relation to theRead More