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5 websites to help you understand and experience grief


We all need support when we’re grieving, and when we’re helping others go through the grieving process. We’ve listed these websites to make it easier for you to find local information and support.


Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement


The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement is an independent, not for profit organisation based in Victoria. You can visit the website for information about grief and to find out about their Bereavement Counselling and Support Service in central and regional Victoria, phone service and newsletter.

Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma Loss and Grief Network


The Australian Child and Adolescent, Trauma, Loss and Grief Network is based in Canberra. The Network provides information, advice and links to organisations for parents, members of the community and professionals concerned about children and young people who are experiencing the impact of trauma, loss and grief.

Bereavement Care Centre


The Bereavement Care Centre is based in New South Wales and provides counselling, advice and resources for the terminally ill and their families, and for those recently bereaved. The Centre has services for adults and children with a website designed for kids.



GriefLink is based on South Australia and provides information on death-related grief for the community and professionals. The site focuses on coping with grief, helping the bereaved and finding support.



Lifeline is a national support service for people experiencing a personal or community crisis. Lifeline is best known for its national phone line and it also has online resources including a support service finder and crisis support chat.

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