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Environmental funerals

Natural burial is recognised in South Australia


Natural burial has been recognised in South Australian law, which will support funeral directors in providing this service and reflects increasing interest in the community. What is natural burial? How has South Australia recognised natural burial? How will this change the situation for natural burials? What is natural burial? Natural burial is an alternative toRead More

From ashes to trees


  Innovative thinking, design and sustainability have been brought together to offer an alternative to traditional burial and urn design. It’s now been made easy and elegant to take our ashes, plant them with a seed and turn them into a tree. Creating a living memorial From ashes to a tree Biodegradable urns Two keyRead More

Images of Australian flowers to inspire an arrangement


Australian flowers create unique, colourful and impressive arrangements. They provide exciting shapes and swirls, bright flushes of colour and textures that range from waxy leaves, delicate petals to the furry kangaroo paw flower. Our native flowers are also inspiring – they’ve flourished even though Australia offers a difficult environment for them to grow in. HereRead More

Can you have a “green” funeral?


  We tailor funerals to celebrate and reflect the essence of our lives. Increasingly, people are adopting environmental values and these can be reflected in our funerals and burials too.   Talk about your values Cremate, bury or an alternative option Celebrate your life with an environmentally sustainable funeral More information Related articles on TheRead More