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How to organise a funeral

From the old to the new – publishing notices and tributes online


    The internet is rapidly replacing newspapers. For generations newspapers were a major source of information and a part of people’s everyday routine. They were also the first place that people would think to publish death and funeral notices, however this is changing too. We publish notices and tribute sites to let people knowRead More

Choosing a funeral company


  How do you choose a funeral company? Firstly, your choice depends on where you live. If you live in a Capital City or major regional centre you will have a lot of options. If you live in outback or rural Australia, you may only have the services of a local funeral company. So, followingRead More

Timing the funeral


  Every funeral is unique, and there are different factors that may affect the timing of a funeral that you are organising. This post will help you understand what those factors might be to help you choose a date. Whatever the circumstances, be kind to yourself. Take whatever time you need to prepare the funeralRead More