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How to write a tribute


  How do we capture someone’s life in a tribute? Our lives are so rich with years of experiences, both at home and through our travels. We touch the lives of people who are close to us, and also people who we pass by. Small moments of great laughter can feel the most significant; dailyRead More

How can employers help grieving staff?


  Employers have great potential to make a significant difference in a grieving employee’s life. They can provide functional support, such as leave and flexible working arrangements, and emotional support through acknowledging their employee’s grief. This support not only provides profound benefits to the grieving employee, but also all employees in providing an example ofRead More

Talk about the funeral that you would like with people close to you


  If you have known someone who has died, and particularly someone you love, you’ll be aware of how difficult even small tasks can be during this time, let alone discussing anything related to death and funerals. That’s why it’s so important to talk to people about these issues and make your wishes clear atRead More