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From the old to the new – publishing notices and tributes online



The internet is rapidly replacing newspapers. For generations newspapers were a major source of information and a part of people’s everyday routine. They were also the first place that people would think to publish death and funeral notices, however this is changing too.

We publish notices and tribute sites to let people know that someone we love has died, express our love and loss, and invite people to join the funeral. We want this information to be freely available so people are aware and can support each other. The internet is proving to be the best place to achieve this.



Limitations of newspapers – timing, deadlines and reach

Newspaper notices appear for one day, in one location

Newspaper notices are normally only for one day, in one location. If you don’t buy a paper, or miss it on that day for any reason, you miss all the death and funeral information.


Newspaper notices can only be published when the funeral company has finalised all arrangements

Newspaper notices can only be published when the funeral company has finalised all arrangements, which may take time.

Normally it takes up to a day after the death for the funeral planner and the family to actually meet and arrange the funeral. The funeral planner then needs to organise clergy/celebrants, venues, cemeteries, and other personnel and services, which requires more time until everything is booked and confirmed.

The sooner you can publish a death notice and advise people that a funeral is being organised the better. This will give people more time to make arrangements to attend the funeral, which might include babysitters and travel.


Newspapers have an evening deadline for publication

Newspaper notices need to be provided by an evening deadline for next-day publication, usually about 7pm. If they are not in by the evening publication deadline, there’s a delay for another day. So, for a number of legitimate reasons, public death and funeral information is delayed, sometimes even appearing only the day before or the day of the funeral.


Benefits of the internet – unlimited, immediate, interactive and worldwide communication

The internet is unlimited and immediate communication

The Internet provides unlimited, immediate communication at any time, anywhere in the world. You can post the funeral details as soon as you are ready and include helpful information such as links to maps and special requests regarding details of the funeral. The notice is also easy for people to share, which can be comforting for the family as it can help to reduce the anxiety that you may have forgotten someone.


Communication is worldwide

The internet allows people who are living overseas or interstate to know what is happening, send their condolences and celebrate the life of your loved one with you online.


Communication can be interactive

Most importantly, this communication can be updated and interactive. If it takes time to arrange the funeral, you can direct people to the online funeral notice for updates. Delays can occur for many reasons including the Coroner, travel arrangements and an inability to confirm services of personnel and venues.

This simple feature can be very helpful to grieving families. Instead of people constantly ringing to find out what is happening, all they need to do is go online to receive updates and confirmation of the final arrangements. This can give the family some much needed time and space to grieve.


The Tribute site

The interactive nature of the internet means that people can leave messages of support and share memories of your loved one. If people are away or find out about the funeral after it has occurred, they can still grieve and experience the death through the tribute site and share their thoughts and feelings.

You may not be ready to read and acknowledge all of the messages on the tribute site straight away. This is understandable. People grieve in different ways and over different lengths of time. The site can be there as support for everyone who is ready to read and use it and you can then return to the site whenever you’re ready to read people’s thoughts and reflections.

Here’s some advice, if you choose both

For those who choose to use both the internet and newspapers, we suggest publishing the notices online for free as well as placing a short and simple Death Notice in the newspaper(s) of your choice.

A recommended short and simple newspaper Death Notice template could be:

“John Citizen, of Glenelg, husband of Mary and father of Gerry, Anne and Steve died on 1/1/2013. For funeral details and tributes visit: www.thelastpost.com.au.”

This will help to reduce your costs as well as reach everyone.

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