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My experience with The Last Post – Tribute for Tom O’Donnell

Dad died a bit over two years ago and we had a beautiful funeral at our family parish, St Michael’s in Ashburton.

At that stage The Last Post was not yet operational.

I remember we put Death and Funeral notices in The Age and The Herald Sun in Melbourne, costing over $800.

Many tributes were placed by other relatives, friends and colleagues. As they all placed and paid for their notices, I am not aware of the total cost – but it would have been well over $2,000 for all of our tributes.

We didn’t think to cut them out and keep them, so they are forgotten history. Now I have no recollection of who was kind enough to go to the trouble of placing a tribute for Dad.

Knowing what The Last Post can do, we placed some retrospective photos on this site, as well as “Tom’s Story” that we had printed in his Mass Booklet.

It’s a shame that we don’t have everyone’s tributes from the time, but our family is so glad to have this lasting Tribute.


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