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Natural burial is recognised in South Australia

Natural burial has been recognised in South Australian law, which will support funeral directors in providing this service and reflects increasing interest in the community.

What is natural burial?

Natural burial is an alternative to standard Western burial practice. It aims to protect and enhance the environment in death care and burial.

This means that embalming chemicals are not used to treat the deceased, bodies are buried in biodegradable coffins or cotton shrouds in natural environments, and alternatives to headstones are used to mark the grave, such as trees and identification on maps.

How has South Australia recognised natural burial?

States are responsible for burial laws, so the laws vary across Australia.

South Australia recognised natural burials and natural burial grounds, through the Burial and Cremation Act 2013. This Act came into effect in February this year.

How will this change the situation for natural burials?

This step will help funeral directors provide natural burials as the laws provide clear and consistent direction on how natural burials are to be undertaken.

Also, recognition will support the promotion and adoption of natural burials and natural burial grounds, particularly as interest in natural burials increases.



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